A Man is Standing in My Yard!
Local & National News | July 28, 2020
Life presents opportunities to #BeAmazing, will you look for the chance to do something amazing for someone else today?

Last night was like a scene out of a movie. I was fixing dinner with one of my roommates when my dog started barking, alerting me someone was outside. I look out the front and see this young black guy standing outside in my yard with a sad, very lost look on his face.

I stepped outside to see what was going on and he began to tell me that he was 19 and had been off and on homeless for the past two years.

He heard from someone that I might be able to help him and only knew what street I lived on.

In faith, he had walked from the MATA bus station downtown (where he’d been sleeping) to my house on Mendenhall hoping he could find my place.

All he knew was that I owned a dog. The fact that he found my house was a miracle! If my dog hadn’t been downstairs and started barking it may never have happened.

He told me that he’d been on his own since he was 16 and didn’t know where to go. I was literally just standing at my door kind of awestruck trying to take this all in.

This was 10:00 at night so all I knew to do was take him in my car to go get something to eat and try to learn more about what’s happening.

What's crazy is that along with two roommates I rent rooms to, I already have two other guys sleeping on mattresses in my floors who were in very similar situations to this guy. So as he’s telling me his struggles I’m asking the Lord, “really Lord, another one?” And all I hear back is “yes”.

As we drove to get some food I told him how much God loved him, how He has so much better plans for his life than living like this. When we stopped I put my hand on his head and prayed for him. His protective exterior began to crumble and I saw a grown child weeping uncontrollably in my car.

He began to open up to me and tell me about his passions and his dreams. He loves to sing and he sang for me. My mouth dropped when I heard this kid’s heart. He’s actually amazing!

I could tell that he was just a big, gentle kid who needed some help. Needed a place to regain his strength long enough to do more than just survive day today.

Even though I’m already 5 people deep inside my house (including myself), I told him he could crash in my lazy boys long enough to get back on his feet.

He’s a good kid, he wants to help around the house, he wants to work a job, he just needs some love and support and direction.

So I’m posting this today to ask if anyone has any connections that we could use to help him. He’s 19 with no place to go. I’m not posting his face or name right now just so I don’t embarrass him.

He has a huge heart and a hard work ethic. So if you know of any odd jobs or manual labor anyone needs help with, or any supplies that could help him, please let me know.

I can’t thank you enough for any help you can offer. It really means the world.

Count your blessings everyday. God bless!

07.28.2020 Update:

Oh my goodness!! In 12 hours so much has happened since I first posted this. We’ve had dozens of job opportunities and almost $2,000 be donated!! Plus clothes and mattresses and necessities being shipped to him. I was almost overwhelmed by the sheer volume of love yesterday!! Thank you everyone who has reached out to help him.

I do believe he’s going to have everything he needs to get back on his feet now. Now he just needs to get planted in a church with a new family, so I’ll be bringing him to our church Memphis Tabernacle soon.

Thank you everyone who has poured out such incredible love on this young man. God never ceases to leave me awestruck by how much His people truly care, and the mountains they can move.

I’ll try to keep you posted on his progress. God bless you all!

Meet Matt White: Just a man humbly observing an awesome God.

Owner and Founder at Breakthrough Cancer Coaching

Mark wrote this post on Facebook and we had to share it.  Seeing a black male standing in your yard, could have ended very differently.  But in this case, Mark saw an opportunity to help someone.  Is this what you would have done?  What would your first reaction have been?  Today, look for opportunities to #BeAmazing.  Your ability to help someone might be right in front of you.  Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated, only then do you get to reflect the image you were created in!

Thank you Mark!  Memphis is a better place because of people like you!

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